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Image by Joel Muniz

Writing Retreat

Want to come visit me in Montana and write with me?

I have never been to a writing retreat and the ones I have looked at are either too far away, too expensive, or not what I want out of a writing retreat, so I decided to host my own. I planned events in a previous job, so I think this will be fun. Also, I live in a place where others vacation so I got all the mountain views and fresh air (unless it's fire season), plus Bozeman is pretty much as fucking charming as mountain towns get.

This retreat only lives in my head so far. If you're interested, subscribe here to get updates. I'm thinking early summer 2022, maybe June when everything is finally starting to green and bloom and Montanans can take off their winter coats and the wildfires haven't made everything unbearable yet.

Here are some things I'm thinking about: A beautiful Montana lodge with outrageous views, good food, workshops and Q&A with authors, coffee always coffee, night out in Bozeman, yoga and a massage therapist, hot tub,

sharing our writing with OPTIONAL feedback, breathtaking sunrises and sunsets over the mountains, all the baked goods, hikes in the wildflowers (okay, leisurely walks...but yes, wildflowers).

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