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So, this is awkward.

I'm going to ask you for money. Here goes.

I have a day job, bills to pay and kids to feed. Most of us do. So, if you can't support my work financially, it's cool. I understand. I have been enjoying other people's words and podcasts and art online for decades without paying, because I couldn't afford it. 

I will not put any of my articles or newsletter subscriptions or podcast episodes behind a paywall. I want to give back what I've received over so many years from other people who have made me feel seen and heard and less alone.

That being said, the time I spend every week writing is time I can't bill for and as a contractor in my day job, I have no paid time off. If you can afford it and get value out of my work, please consider supporting my blog, newsletter and podcast financially.

You can set up recurring support through Patreon or make a one time donation through Venmo or PayPal.

Thank you for valuing my work.

Patreon: Unmentionables

Venmo: @Juliane-Bergmann

Paypal: @JulianeBergmann

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