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Snorkeling in the Ocean


Want to hear from me every Tuesday? I have a weekly newsletter on Substack you can subscribe to for free.

Is This Newsletter About Underwear?

Not really. I mean, I’m not ruling out talking about underwear, but you can pretty much picture this newsletter as a clothesline in the backyard with unmentionables brazenly swaying in the wind. It’s where I write about hard, uncomfortable, embarrassing, hilarious, sometimes slightly cringe-y life stuff. This isn’t a new idea, but I want to add my voice because I’m tired of the “good vibes only” crowd. I’d very much like to talk about all the vibes.

There will be no “news” in this newsletter.

I don’t have the inside scoop on anything, and I’m very bad at coming up with headlines. I see this more as you and me sitting at my kitchen table or on the rickety lawn chairs out back, just talking.

Subscribing ensures that every new edition of the newsletter goes directly to your inbox. Then I hope you’ll read it and respond with “Yeah, me too!!” or “What a load of bullshit!” or something in between with fewer exclamation marks. 

Well, so what IS going to be in this non-newsletter?

  1. Beauty.

  2. Stories.

  3. Lightbulbs.

  4. Wordles (Words + Doodles).

  5. New friends, real and imaginary.

  6. Cake Wrecks.

  7. Soundtracks.

You can read the first one HERE to get an idea and SUBSCRIBE if you like it. ​

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