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What they seldom do is find middle ground. They have trouble sitting still, listening, feeling, and translating those feelings into meaningful words that might lead toward resolution. They get stuck in the trauma extremes of either being flooded with feeling or shut down and withdrawn.


Deaf, deafened, and hard of hearing individuals may choose to use hearing aids, cochlear implants, and/or other assistive listening devices to boost available hearing. Alternatively, or in addition, they may read lips, use sign language, sign language interpreters, and/or captioning.

These actions may occur before sleep, when the child is drowsy, as well as during any stage of sleep. They may also occur when the child is quietly listening to music or when they are a passenger in a moving car. Each individual movement may last only a second or two, and an entire episode often lasts less than 15 minutes.

This method can be described as "one person decides." This might mean assigning the decision to the most expert person or to a person who decides after listening to the group discuss the problem. Often, the person making the decision is a positional leader.


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