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[S1E4] Stan By Me [CRACKED]

We skip ahead to a meeting with his doctor who informs him he has a large black mass in his stomach and refers Stan to an oncologist for further testing. He advises Stan to get sober. The CEO immediately ignores that advice to have a few drinks with his steadfast, loyal assistant, Josh (Michael Hsu Rosen).

[S1E4] Stan by Me

As Tommy realizes he has been robbed and relays the items stolen to the cops, the materialistic items inside become of little importance as viewers come to the understanding the baby photo is not the only sentimental item the safe contained, Tommy mentioning a white wedding bikini as one of the missing items. For a moment, the tape they have not remembered gains additional weight, driving the empathy for their growing situation, the tape is one of the sentimental items Tommy treasures. This softer side of Tommy comes in and out of the episode, stripping away the rocker persona all too recognized, and giving him a moment of pure humanity.

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The House of Abundance sit by a ball in which the emcee Pray Tell oversees a plus-sized body category, judges presiding over many different women that walked. Candy Abundance vocalizes that she sought a desire to walk the category, much to her Mother Elektra's dismay to hold her child accountable for her actions. In an act of defiance, she walks, being read by Pray. Between nasty exchanges, Candy finds herself in last place for the walk. Frustrated, she rushes out the ballroom, smoking a cigarette alone. Angel Evangelista approaches to provide comfort but is initially pushed away. She reminds her that she hopes to be an aid for her fellow sister regardless of house and that she, too, understood the pressures to conform to the standards of the community to be a certain way, continuing onward to suggest a woman she had contacts to in order to obtain a new body.

Meeting with the urologist, Elektra asks about the surgery's discomfort and tearfully confesses to her the sacrifice of a long-time relationship with a man. Eventually, she signs the form to begin the process. Meanwhile, the House of Evangelista sit amongst the audience, alongside teacher Helena, watching as the students of the dance school, including Damon Richards, perform the choreographed dance perfectly, leaving everyone standing, cheering, and applauding the dancers. Blanca expresses appreciation to Helena for the opportunity. Meanwhile Angel gets silicone injections from Clarissa.

Back to the apartment, Francine throws a party. Jeff, Hayley's boyfriend, tries to drag her to the Burning Man event again but she is unwilling. Back home, Stan comes up with another plan to get Francine to remember their life together. He finds a dried flower that he gave her on the day of their wedding and goes to the apartment to show it to Francine. When he gets there, he and Hayley discover that Francine and Jeff ran off together to the Burning Man event. They follow them there and are joined on the trip by Klaus who was hiding in Stan's thermos and peed in his coffee, causing Stan to spit. But when they arrive, they are unable to find Francine, forcing them to rest for the night. But before they do, Stan shows Hayley the flower but warns her if she tells anyone about his soft side, he'll rip out her heart and eat it. The next morning, Stan finds Jeff, who admits that Francine left him as soon as they arrived and that he only took her to get Hayley's attention. Hayley, climbing out of a mountain of tired bystanders, admits that it worked and kisses him. Stan eventually finds Francine as she prepares to go on tour with a band. He shows her the flower but she confuses it with some sort of drug and eats it. When Stan is about to give up, after hearing from Francine that she would never "hook up with a stiff like him", the Burning Man gets accidentally ignited by a smoking paraglider and Stan saves Francine from a fiery death. He brings her to a recovering tent and pledges his love to her as she vomits repeatedly on his shoes. All this brings Francine's memory back.

On another front, Steve asks out a girl from school, Lindsay Coolidge, and is surprised when she accepts on the condition that he can get a date for her friend, Jewel. The girl, however, is as ugly as can be and no human being will date her. So Steve gets Roger to take on the job. Disguised as a Jamaican, Roger, who had been bitter about never being able to leave the house, joins Steve and the girls at a dinner for a double date. All goes well, as Steve is successful in getting Lindsay to go back to his house, but all the while Jewel is getting quite hands on with Roger. While trying to escape Jewel's advances, Roger's costume comes off and she sees him as the alien he is. When Jewel runs to tell her friend the truth, Roger is forced to clobber her in the head with a frying pan. Lindsay sees what happens and sees Roger. She tries to run but Roger hits her on the head by throwing the pan at her too. As Roger and Steve stand over the two unconscious girls, Roger suggests that they should pin the assault on "black guys".

I continue to find Philip and Elizabeth's relationship the best part of the The Americans, because though we're coming in late to their marriage, we're also arriving at just the moment when they have started to really be a couple instead of business partners. It's not an easy thing to understand, but I think the show has done pretty well, particularly in "Gregory," at explaining why they (especially Elizabeth) feel like they do about one another. It's also an interesting commentary on arranged marriages. For Philip and Elizabeth, familiarity has bred, well, familiarity, and not contempt. And finally, it seems, it's building love. It's a very unique love story, and one of the strongest statements the series makes.

"In Control" even gave us a moment when Stan nearly became A Real Boy, and not just a mannequin. We discover that his family isn't happy, and that his relationship with his wife parallels that of the Jennings', insofar as feeling distant from one another. But their trajectories are moving in opposite ways, and poor Stan looks doomed to marital struggles for the foreseeable future. Then again, the man did spend a lot of time with Ozark kooks who he was supposed to assimilate with without being brainwashed by them, which is sure to have an effect. Sound familiar?

Sam and Dean are called in to investigate when a plane crashes under mysterious circumstances. Their investigation leads them to the conclusion that a demon is possessing people and causing the plane they are on to crash. Things become more urgent when they discover that the demon is going after the seven survivors of the first crash, including the pilot and a stewardess.

Sonny very publically apologizes to everyone for being a bit extra and hands the mic to Dash. Dash finally gets his moment to shine, all those hours watching stand-up pay off, and he brings down the house. 041b061a72


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