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Oliver Torres

Girls With Nice Bums [2021]

Hello Everyone. Another round of girls who have nice backsides or asses. Again a variety of nice bums here with girls indoors and out, bending over, lying down and sometimes in weirder positions which is all good to us. Enjoy ... - Webmaster

girls with nice bums

Time was when college boys went home for the holidays; these days, more and more are taking off with or without their girls and fraternity brothers for a bit of resorting on the cheap. Spring vacation, for instance, is Fort Lauderdale time (or Malibu, or Bermuda), where you can throw your sleeping bag on the beach and live on hamburgers and beer. From Christmas to New Year's, it may well be a ski resort, where you can bed down in a bunkhouse and live on hamburgers and beer.

Results: The study group included 26,921 patients, constituting 34% of all unintentional hospitalized trauma patients. Twenty-seven percent were children (0-4 years) and 37% were elderly (> or = 65 years), the two age groups whose home injury accounted for most of the trauma injuries. Among children more boys (59%) than girls (41%) were injured, but the opposite was true for the elderly (30% males and 70% females). The share of females among the home-injured increased with age. Falls caused 79% of all home injuries (97% among the elderly) and bums 9%, increasing to 18% among children (0-4 years). Among non-Jewish home-injured patients, infants predominated (50% compared to 20% among Jews). Moderate to critical injuries amounted for 42%, with 38% of the home-injured and 60% of the elderly requiring surgery. The clinical and economic consequences of home injuries differed according to the type of injury, with bums carrying the heaviest toll of prolonged intensive care and hospital stay. Overall, hospital stay averaged 6.2 days per patient (median 3 days).


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