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Laurel Boars

Download Twisted Metal 2 [SCUS-94306] Bin [REPACK]

Twisted Metal 2 is a car combat game for the Ps2. Probably the best in the series. The game feels very smooth. You can choose from many different characters, each that all have their own storylines. Each character/vehicle has their own special movie. You go around many different locations defeating other opponents in the twisted metal tournament. The winner gets a wish granted by Calyspo. TM 2 features co-op play or play against friends. You can't go wrong with TM 2.

Download Twisted Metal 2 [SCUS-94306] Bin


Personally twisted metal 2 is the best for me in the series, first off you have cities you can explore and shoot up. Each car in the game has a range of attacks and specials you can use to hunt down your targets and up to four players can play this game at one time and since the maps are big and some change, you will most likely be exploring than shooting eachother. campain is like the previous one, go through levels, defeat enemies and bosses and find secrets. This game is very easy to play and fun to. 041b061a72


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