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Oliver Torres

The Secret of the Unicorn Serial Number: A Comprehensive Guide for Tintin Fans and Collectors

This film gets one other big complaint from me for taking the story to a fantastic place, only to then tie it up with a pretty unimpressive and literal conclusion. I just finished reading The Broken Ear, in which Herg cleverly uses the events in the story as a way to explain the philosophical difference between Tintin and his dog, Snowy. Although several events in The Secret of the Unicorn were used to underscore Tintin himself, theres no emotional impact to the conclusion. When Tintin rescues a King from a throne room in the second half, you feel great for the kingly man, but theres no sense of pride with which Tintin is a hero or that the expedition has been a huge success. Instead, it just feels like a job well done.

adventures of tintin the secret of the unicorn serial number


It transpires that Sakharine (having heard of his outlaw reputation in America) wants Tintin dead to prevent him from revealing the secrets of the Unicorn. Tintin and Snowy have their hands full, as they fight off Sakharines men, and try to run away. Tintin realizes that Sakharine and his men want the documents so they can steal the ships treasure, which is full of emeralds. As Sakharine and company are getting ready to leave, they are alerted to the police. Tintin and Haddock are caught by the police and taken to jail. As it turns out, the agents were a friend of Haddocks. He was tipped off by Sakharine, who had kidnapped Tintin and he was waiting for Haddocks police tail. However, Sakharine was betrayed by his men, and they put him in the cell next to Tintin and Haddock. Both sides soon realized this was a set-up to frame the protagonists. Sakharine makes a deal, and agrees to give him one of the emeralds for Tintin and Haddock. He then takes them from the police and threatens to kill them unless they promise not to tell the police. He explains that he will send his men to the ships treasure, and he has Tintin and Haddock as hostages to ensure he gets the emeralds.


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