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Discover Your Image Identity and Dazzle as Only YOU Can with David Kibbe's Metamorphosis

David Kibbe Metamorphosis Download: A Guide to Finding and Using the Ultimate Style Book

Have you ever wondered why some clothes look amazing on you, while others make you feel frumpy or dull? Have you ever wished you could find a style guide that would help you enhance your natural beauty, rather than hide or change it? If so, you might be interested in David Kibbe's metamorphosis, a book that has changed the lives of millions of women around the world.

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David Kibbe is an image consultant who created a system in the 1980s that aims to help women understand how to emphasize their features, rather than minimize them. He categorized women into 13 types, based on their balance of yin (soft, rounded, delicate) and yang (sharp, angular, strong) elements. He then gave each type a name and a set of style recommendations that would suit their unique silhouette.

David Kibbe's metamorphosis has been praised as a genius work that shatters the myths that women have been brainwashed with for years. It has been featured on Oprah, Today, People, and The New York Times. It has also inspired countless online communities, quizzes, videos, and blogs that discuss and analyze the Kibbe types.

However, there is one problem: David Kibbe's metamorphosis book is out of print and almost impossible to find. The cheapest copy on Amazon is listed at $464.95. The advice shared in online excerpts feels dated: shoulder pads are essential for every garment? Elegantly slim briefcases? How can you access this valuable resource without breaking the bank or compromising on quality?

How to identify your Kibbe body type

The first step to using David Kibbe's metamorphosis is to identify your Kibbe body type. There are 13 types in total, divided into five main categories: Dramatic, Natural, Classic, Gamine, and Romantic. Each category has two subtypes, except for Classic, which has three. Here are the types and their main characteristics:




Yang dominant; tall, lean, angular, sharp

Soft Dramatic

Yang dominant with some yin; tall, curvy, angular, lush


Yang dominant with some yin; moderate to tall, broad, blunt, relaxed

Flamboyant Natural

Yang dominant with slight yin; tall, broad, blunt, athletic

Soft Natural

Yang dominant with more yin; moderate to tall, broad, blunt, soft


Balanced yin and yang; moderate height and bone structure, symmetrical features

Dramatic ClassicYang with slight yin; moderate height and bone structure, symmetrical features with some sharpness

Soft Classic

Yin with slight yang; moderate height and bone structure, symmetrical features with some softness


Mixed yin and yang; petite, narrow, angular, youthful

Flamboyant Gamine

Mixed yin and yang with yang dominant; petite, narrow, angular, sharp, spunky

Soft Gamine

Mixed yin and yang with yin dominant; petite, narrow, angular, soft, cute


Yin dominant; short to moderate height, curvy, rounded, delicate

Theatrical RomanticYin dominant with some yang; short to moderate height, curvy, rounded, delicate with some sharpness

To find out your type, you can take a quiz or a test that asks you questions about your body shape, facial features, and overall impression. You can find many online versions of the quiz or the test, such as [this one] or [this one]. However, keep in mind that these are not official or endorsed by David Kibbe himself. They are based on his book and his online posts, but they may not be accurate or updated. The best way to confirm your type is to consult with David Kibbe himself or someone who has been trained by him.

Knowing your type can help you understand your natural beauty and how to enhance it. It can also help you avoid wasting time and money on clothes that do not suit you or make you happy. It can also help you express your personality and mood through your style choices.

How to access David Kibbe's metamorphosis book

As mentioned earlier, David Kibbe's metamorphosis book is very rare and expensive. The original book was published in 1987 and has not been reprinted since. It is called Metamorphosis: Discover Your Image Identity and Dazzle as Only You Can. It contains 352 pages of detailed information and illustrations on the Kibbe types and their style recommendations. It also includes a quiz and a test to help you identify your type.

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If you are lucky enough to find a copy of the book in a library or a second-hand bookstore, you can borrow or buy it. However, chances are that you will not be able to find it easily. You can also try to buy it online from sites like Amazon or eBay, but be prepared to pay a hefty price. The book is in high demand and low supply, so sellers can charge whatever they want for it.

An alternative option is to look for online sources that share excerpts or summaries of the book. There are many websites, blogs, forums, and social media pages that discuss David Kibbe's metamorphosis and provide snippets of his advice. For example, [this website] has a page for each type that includes a description, a list of style recommendations, and some photos of celebrities who belong to that type. However, be careful when using these sources. They may not be accurate or complete. They may also be outdated or biased. They are not a substitute for the original book.

A final option is to look for alternatives that are based on or inspired by David Kibbe's metamorphosis. There are other books, courses, programs, or consultants that offer similar services or products that help you find your style identity. For example, [this book] by Alyce Parsons is called Style Source: The Power of the Seven Universal Styles for Women and Men. It also uses a system of seven types that are based on yin and yang balance. However, these alternatives may not be compatible or consistent with David Kibbe's metamorphosis. They may also have different approaches or philosophies that may not resonate with you.

How to apply David Kibbe's metamorphosis advice

Once you have identified your type and accessed David Kibbe's metamorphosis book or its online sources or alternatives, you can start applying his advice to your wardrobe and style. Here are some general tips on how to do that:

The style recommendations for each type are not rules or restrictions. They are guidelines and suggestions that aim to help you create harmony and balance in your appearance. You do not have to follow them blindly or rigidly. You can experiment and adapt them to your personal taste, preferences, and lifestyle. The goal is to find what works for you and makes you feel confid


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