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Oliver Torres

Hamamatsu USB C925401 Drivers For Windows 7 6441

applied for fixing ir filter during imaging a 8500 series camera model is equipped with the infrared (ir) low-pass filter (lf) to remove the fluorescent background in the image (or to raise sensitivity when autofocusing). when manual focusing or scanning with an autofocus (af) unit is implemented, in some conditions a low-pass filter may obstruct the light on the image plane. the uv-led module works as an ir low-pass filter (or a high-pass filter) when autofocusing is implemented. this uv-led module helps automatically remove the ir background, compared to the usage of a low-pass filter to remove the ir background.

Hamamatsu USB C925401 Drivers For Windows 7 6441

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high optical stability hamamatsu designed the latest module for image sensing devices. it has a wide spectral range of 200nm to 400nm, which realizes one-day continuous operation without a crash. capable of maintaining uniform uv-led output in a wide temperature range.

image brightness control led light source can be set to auto sensing mode or manual sensing mode by turning the switch. the lamp will be automatically extinguished in 1 hours when sensor is fully charged. to control the charging time, users can set the timer in the application.

imaging mode: can take a photo with a specified resolution and compresison ratio. same as the "capture mode" setting in olympus application, the resolution and compresision ratio are determined by the pixel array size.

aperture: you can select one of the following options: one-click aperture, auto aperture, manual aperture, as well as focal lock. focal lock locks the focal length for some focal lengths that are provided in the camera.


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