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Where To Buy Instead Softcup

One thing I cannot comment on is how well the softcup works for heavy flow. I used to have horribly heavy periods, to the point that I needed iron supplements due to the blood loss. My guess is that I would have loved to use the softcup, especially at night when I used to have to get up once or twice to change tampons.

where to buy instead softcup

So, would I recommend the Instead Softcup? Absolutely! Will I use it again? Yes! I found that I very quickly got used to the benefit of putting in the softcup in the morning and forgetting about it for the rest of the day.

Loved them...just hard for me to find in-store!I tried these years ago...and loved them. I still love them to this day. They are comfortable and easy to use....The biggest Con is that they can be messy during the removal process... My only problem is finding them in-store where I live.

Painful, uncomfortable and large despite being advertised as a smaller cup. Cannot continue to use as I am aware of it constantly. Left me in pain and was uncomfortable the entire time it was in. Waste of $50. Will purchase period underwear instead.

We're also signed up to the brilliant Refill campaign, which means encouraging people to use reusable water bottles instead of buying single use plastic ones by offering free refills in all our UK stores. We're proud to have been the first big business to join Refill in 2018, creating over 2,000 Refill stations and giving everyone the opportunity to make more sustainable choices. Look out for the Refill logo in our store windows.

Discs can be used at any time but many find they try a reusable disc after first using and becoming comfortable with menstrual cups. They are as comfortable as cups when worn and have the advantage of being less finicky due to where they're worn in the vagina. Most people fit the same size disc, but there are smaller options if needed. Discs don't seal and suction so removal can be easier, especially for those who have reaching and grip issues. Discs can be worn during penetrative intercourse because they don't take up the real estate that a cup does. A perk many users find with discs is that they empty their contents during bathroom visits; this isn't the case for everyone but for those with a heavy period it might be a deciding factor.

When attaching the cup, use a thread color that will be least noticeable on the outside of the garment and either make very small stitches to where you are coming through to the front and going back in almost at the same spot.

A menstrual cup is a menstrual hygiene device which is inserted into the vagina during menstruation. Its purpose is to collect menstrual fluid (blood from the uterine lining mixed with other fluids). Menstrual cups are usually made of flexible medical grade silicone, latex, or a thermoplastic isomer. They are shaped like a bell with a stem or a ring. The stem is used for insertion and removal, and the bell-shaped cup seals against the vaginal wall just below the cervix and collects menstrual fluid. This is unlike tampons and menstrual pads, which absorb the fluid instead.[1][2]

In a randomized controlled feasibility study in rural western Kenya, adolescent primary school girls were provided with menstrual cups or menstrual pads instead of traditional menstrual care items of cloth or tissue.[10] Girls provided with menstrual cups had a lower prevalence of sexually transmitted infections than control groups. Also, the prevalence of bacterial vaginosis was lower among cup users compared with menstrual pad users or those continuing other usual practice.[10]

Menstrual discs (also called cervical cups)[4] are disc-shaped, like a diaphragm, with a flexible outer ring and a soft, collapsible center. They collect menstrual fluid like menstrual cups, but stay in place by hooking behind the pubic bone instead of relying on suction. Menstrual discs come in both disposable and reusable varieties.

Menstrual cups can be useful as a means of menstrual hygiene management for women in developing countries where access to affordable sanitary products may be limited.[11][52] A lack of affordable hygiene products means inadequate, unhygienic alternatives are often used, which can present a serious health risk.[53][54] Menstrual cups offer a long-term solution compared to some other feminine hygiene products because they do not need to be replaced monthly.

The municipality of Alappuzha in Kerala, India launched a project in 2019 and gave away 5,000 menstrual cups for free to female residents.[55] The purpose of this was to encourage the use of these cups instead of non-biodegradable menstrual pads to reduce waste production.[55] In 2022, Kumbalangi, a village in Kerala, became India's first sanitary napkin free panchayat under a project called "Avalkkayi", which gave away 5,700 menstrual cups for free.[56]

Any questions, comments or suggestions can be directed to 800/INSTEAD, or you can get answers on the Web site, where you can also download instructions, watch an instructional and informational video and request samples. You can order a starter kit, with three Instead Softcups and the video, at the site as well.

Parents should start weaning their children from sippy cups when they are about six months old. At this age, most babies can drink from a regular cup without spilling. Giving children water or milk in a regular cup instead of a sippy cup will help them learn how to drink properly and reduce their risk of developing tooth decay.

Jon is a writer from California and now floats somewhere on an island in the Mediterranean. He thinks most issues can be solved by petting a good dog, and he spends plenty of time doing so. Time not spent at his desk is probably spent making art or entertaining humans or other animals.

This systematic review suggests that menstrual cups can be an acceptable and safe option for menstrual hygiene in high-income, low-income, and middle-income countries but are not well known. Our findings can inform policymakers and programs that menstrual cups are an alternative to disposable sanitary products, even where water and sanitation facilities are poor.

Underwire swimsuits offer the most support for your bust. Underwires help to lift your breasts so they sit where you want them to with limited movement. They help to create a more defined silhouette by lifting the breasts upwards so you can see your waistline. Separating the bust from the mid section defines the waist to show off your curves in the most flattering way.

We include moulded cups in many of our swimsuits to create a natural, rounded shape with a smooth, seamless finish. The lightly padded cups also provide coverage for the nipples. Moulded cup bras are commonly found in sport bra styles, nursing bras and t-shirt bras where push up and substantial padding aren't required.

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There are so many things that need to go right for a pregnancy to occur, and one of the earliest and most important steps is sperm getting to an egg for fertilization. To do this, sperm need to make it into the vagina, past the cervix, into the uterus, and to the fallopian tubes where an ovulated egg will be (during cycles with ovulation).

For our Custom Design brides, we often design gown sizing specific to the client. This means instead of a size 8, we order the gown in her exact measurements. This minimizes alterations needs, a typical savings of $200-500. It also means we are talking through the ways she can expect certain silhouettes and styles to fit.

If you have a tilted uterus, one that tips backward instead of forward over the vagina, you might have concerns about switching to a menstrual cup or disc. But you can use both cups and discs comfortably once you know these facts and tips: 041b061a72


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