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Dunzo Merchant App: The Easiest Way to Manage Your Delivery Orders and Payments

In the event You come across any abuse or violation of these Terms of Use or if You become aware of any objectionable content on the Platform, please report the same to the following e-mail id: In case You have any queries with respect to the Terms of Use or the Dunzo Services, please write to Us at

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dunzo merchant app download

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Dunzo is an on-demand delivery platform that has transformed the way people shop, transfer goods, and commute. Talking in business terms, Dunzo is an exemplary model of a two-sided network. One side of the network, we have customers and, on the other hand, are the merchants. Dunzo acts as an online marketplace to connect customers and merchants.

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Hi. I'm a regular dunzo customer. On the 3rd of October at 10:19 pm I placed an order from dunzo after which i got a call from an executive of yours informing me that the products are not available. The executive told me to get something else which was highly unprofessional in the first place but I ignored it and asked for a refund. I was told that the refund will reflect in 5-7 business days. Then the next day i ordered some items again and the same cycle repeated even though i had confirmed this time first if the products were available. I again asked for a refund and the same thing happened. Now it has been more than a month and i still haven't received my refund. This is highly unacceptable. If I don't recieve my refund within a maximum of 2 days I'm going to have to take serious legal action and also spread the word around. I have been patient enough but this has crossed limits. There better be some action taken regarding this asap.

i placed an order on 7th of September, and the order got canceled from dunzo team due to noncontact able, ok that's fine that was my mistake df, and I tried to reach them again and placed the order, got a call from dunzo stating they don't minimum product which we needed, so i asked them send the product now, they said ok, and refund me my remaining amount, it been 2 days there is no update on this , worst service dunzo

i placed an order on 24th of august, and the order got canceled from dunzo team due to noncontact able, ok that's fine that was my mistake df, and I tried to reach them again and placed the order, got a call from dunzo stating they don't minimum product which we needed, so i asked them send the product now, they said ok, and refund me my remaining amount, it been 2 days there is no update on this , worst service dunzo

I have ordered 5 litres of water bottle & some vegetables . I hv paid also but i didn't received my order & showed as delivered . There is no response from them also . It is very disappointing to customers . Deducting our money & not delivering our orders. I recommend to evryone not to buy anything on dunzo. There is no proper response from them

I had ordered 4 litres of gold winner sunflowee oil on 15th may 2022 and had made a payment of rupees 732 but the order was not delivered nor the amounted is refunded till now. I raised a complaint in but still I did not receive any response from dunzo. Had a very bad experience on my first order.

I have ordered Oximeter in dunzo amt was debited in ACCOUNT and with in a seconds they have canceled to order and receive msg with in 7 working days i will receive money in critical situation emergency case u people are doing worst job refund it my money immediately

Hii I'm Rohit from dunzo constmer,My account is suspended so i am unable to sign in my account as well as place my order on dunzo platform.So please solve this problem as soon as possible.I am requesting you.@dunzo customer

Hi dunzo sporters team benglore.I am Mohammed riyaz working dunzo delivery partner from mumbai andheri west..Sir my issue dunzo team not informed me to chang my id logging timing...before my night shift 8 hrs duty 7pm to night without informing change d id time maked airly mornig 7am to 6pm .11hrs duty same mg 400 rupis..why make extra duty 3hrs same mg 400 i dont i want chang my id order base same area andheri west...pls reply dunzo my id blocked dunzo note logging...

I have ordered eggs and chicken today but after paying money from gpay money got deducted but on dunzo app i got to know that there is no any orders. Then i have chatted with support in the app, i got the response that because of technical problems order not placed and my money will be refunded. Then the support section itself stopped working. I need my 205 rupees back. Is this a scam or what? I am going to file a complaint in consumer court

Dear sir I am santosh ram majhi, I have experience 2 years of uber eats delivery partner. I want join your company dunzo delivery partner what's the process do working delivery partner your dunzo company. Please kindly give me reply. Thank you

Dunzo has garnered massive popularity in the cities it presently operates in. The company has literally made the lives of people easy and stress-free. In the near future, the company is aiming to strengthen product searches on its app by partnering with different merchants and vendors. The team at Dunzo wants to expand its coverage of physical retail stores on the mobile application. Dunzo is also in the process of expanding its outreach to different tier-two cities.

In case of delinquency in bill payment, Simpl does levy a pre-decided and agreed-upon fee only on the outstanding amount and intimates its users on doing so. The buy now, pay later option on Simpl is designed for user convenience - a fact evidenced by over 5 Million downloads that the app has on its Google Play and App Store platforms.

Signing up on Simpl is quite easy and can be done in minutes. Simpl bills as well can be repaid via Autopay or UPI, which further bolsters the faith among users that their data is safe and secure on the platform. The purpose of the Simpl app can be easily explained in a few words - Simpl is a checkout network that enables merchants to build trust and form a long-term relationships with their consumers. Simpl believes in empowering merchants and users at the same time by offering ease and convenience.

The company is thinking of partnering with different vendors and merchants to strengthen its product searches capabilities. Besides this, the company is also trying to expand its outreach to multiple cities. You can also launch an app similar to Dunzo, get in touch to know the further process right away.

Get the news updates on WhatsApp & Telegram by subscribing to our channels. For all the latest Business updates, download our app Android and iOS.

Logistics is one of the greatest challenges in India and for a commerce/logistics company, building a strong supply chain and creating sufficient demand is the biggest hurdle. It's a chicken and egg problem that every hyperlocal delivery platform is trying to solve. Ultimately, the idea is to deliver anything at the most efficient cost and time without compromising the quality of experience. As a company, we at Dunzo want to ensure that our three stakeholders - the merchant, the partner, and the user, have equally exceptional experiences. Working to solve for the merchant leads to an easier process for the delivery partner, and finally creates a winning experience for the user.

Dunzo's mission resonated stronger than ever in 2020. We have been amazed by everything merchants and users have started to depend on the platform for. We truly believe we are writing a playbook for how hyperlocal businesses can be built with sustainable unit economics and capital responsibility. As a team, we are more focused than ever to enable local merchants to get closer to their users and remain operational during these difficult times while always doing right by the customer.

2020 had its ups and downs but the sense of achievement we as a team feel in being able to do our part for local economies - whether it is local businesses coming online for the first time, delivery partners being the sole earning members of their families, or the elderly couple that can access their city without dependencies - has been the driving force for our mission in 2021. We want to use these learnings to drive the next wave of growth for the merchant and gig economy across the top 10 cities in India.

With any business that's setting out to create a new market or industry, it's important to think about driving long-term and sustainable growth. Until March 2018, we had negligible marketing and operational spends. We were a team of 40 serving around 60,000 monthly transactions back in 2018. To achieve transactions in the millions, which we're at today, we needed to expand into new cities, build a steady merchant marketplace, secure a constant stream of supply (delivery partners), acquire new users, and build technology that could drive and keep up with the scale, in each of the 300 micro-markets we're present in.

We have scaled from 600 merchants in March 2019 to 11,000 merchants in February 2021. 80 percent of all commerce transactions on our platform are from our partnered merchants, on which we make commissions on every order. Going forward, we want to build an unparalleled customer experience that is irresistible in nature and solves real use cases in commerce, courier, and commute.


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