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Families have been purchasing timeshares for decades to enjoy a lifetime of vacations, and buying a timeshare resale can help you save money. You can buy vacation ownership at resorts around the globe, and with resale, the choices are almost endless. Many owners will even buy a timeshare resale to add to their existing ownership for less money. So, should you buy a timeshare on the resale market?


In short, timeshare resales are timeshares being sold by owners that no longer wish to use their vacation ownership. One benefit of buying a timeshare resale is the immense amount of money you can save. Since timeshares rarely appreciate in value, timeshare resales are often listed for a fraction of the retail price. This means you can ensure yearly vacations to make memories with your family for much less. Oftentimes some member benefits transfer from the original owner to the buyer, so be sure to ask your agent beforehand.

Another bonus to buying a timeshare resale is being able to browse listings right from home rather than going through a long timeshare tour. You can search for the best vacation clubs to join, like Marriott Vacation Club or Hilton Grand Vacations. Each vacation ownership club has its own benefits, exchange options, and portfolio. Have you stayed in a resort that you absolutely LOVED and wanted to travel back to? Chances are, you can with a timeshare and get a great deal when you buy resale.

As mentioned previously, a timeshare purchase is not an investment. Timeshares worth buying are not going to appreciate in value. Depending on your travel preferences, you will want to consider which timeshares are worth buying. Will you want a points-based timeshare for flexibility? Or, are you looking to vacation at the same place, at the same time every year?

Another subjective question, but we believe we are amazing at what we do. Fidelity Resales has been in the resale world for over 20 years. Additionally, our team has sold more Disney Vacation Club memberships than anyone else. We are accredited by the BBB and ARDA, and we have been a featured reseller for many large brands in the industry. Not to mention, we specialize in both sides of the timeshare resale process. That means we can help you get the best service and support when buying OR selling your timeshare.

The Right of First Refusal is a clause in every timeshare contract, no matter the developer. It allows the developer a chance to reclaim the ownership before it is sold to a new owner. The developer can either choose to step in as the buyer and accept the contract as is or allow the sale to proceed between the original parties.

Whether you are trying to sell a Wyndham, Marriott, Hilton, or any other brand of timeshare resale, our site has the tools to help you. Because we market to thousands of potential buyers every month, advertising with us will maximize your exposure.

Get started today by choosing a marketing package specific to your needs, creating your own advertisement, and posting your property on the timeshare resale market for our large audience of potential buyers to see.

A timeshare resale is a timeshare available for sale by the current owner, rather than by a developer, resort, or other entity. Cutting out the developer usually means the timeshare resale can have a price tag remarkably lower than many people would expect.

When people first start looking into timeshare resales, they may find themselves a little surprised at just how many of them are available. The main reason you may not know about the abundance of timeshare resales is simply that an overriding industry to help advertise them never fully developed.

When developers and resorts sell timeshares, they must take their marketing costs into consideration. Businesses must recoup all those advertising costs, seminars, demonstrations, and other marketing methods. Typically, recouping those costs mean marking up the costs of the timeshares themselves. This is basic business practice, and developers are primarily businesses.

The main benefit of timeshare resales is the ability to find a good timeshare for far less than buying from the developer. Since so many sellers exist, you can even sometimes negotiate a lower cost than the already low starting point. Still, you should consider several more benefits to timeshare resales as well.

A lack of pressure can represent another benefit of timeshare resales. Developers and resorts often employ high-pressure sales tactics. They want you to buy and they want you to buy right now. The secondary market of timeshare resale eliminates that pressure because it puts more of the buying power into your hands.

You can comparison shop, especially if you find multiple timeshares offered in the same facility or project. You can compare what you find to what the developer offers and go from there. The lack of pressure combined with the ability to do your own research will help you come to a more timely and informed decision regarding your timeshare purchase.

A major benefit developers and resorts have over the resale secondary market is the ability to offer perks and incentives. Often, these perks and incentives are things like points for other services or amenities.

Let one of our friendly real estate professionals help you buy, sell, or rent your timeshare. We deal with all major resort developers, and when you buy a timeshare resale you will save huge! Do you prefer to speak with a real person on the phone? Please call: 407-347-6515

As a Disney Vacation Club Member through a resale purchase, you can enjoy all of the 14 Disney Vacation Club resort properties, including Home Resort Priority at your resort of purchase. Members can also enjoy all of the World Collection Resorts (Interval International).

Resale Points purchased after March 21, 2011, have restrictions on use outside of the DVC Resorts and Interval International. Additionally, DVC Members that did not purchase resale prior to April 4, 2016 must maintain a minimum of 150 direct purchased points to receive certain incidental benefits such as discounts on annual passes, dining and shopping and access to some Member Events. Effective January 19, 2019, resale contracts purchased for the existing 14 Disney Vacation Club Resorts (DVC Resorts Opened Prior to 2019, commonly known as the Classic 14 DVC Resorts) will only be able to exchange Points into those 14 Resorts.

Each timeshare ownership is unique. The value of your timeshare may be much different than those you see posted on the resale marketplace. Take our free, zero-obligation survey to determine your timeshare's value.

As more and more owners seek to sell timeshare real estate that no longer fit their lifestyle, the number of identical or similar properties on the market grows. This means potentially unparalleled savings for you, the timeshare buyer. By purchasing a timeshare for sale by owner, you can access the same great resorts and services, while saving up to 70% off the original developer pricing.

There are timeshares for sale in over 100 countries around the world including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Aruba, Spain, Italy, Australia, Thailand, and more. Here are a handful of the most sought-after destinations for new timeshare owners.

While you will be financially responsible for keeping the timeshare property in good shape through annual dues, you will not have to personally handle maintenance or improvements. The timeshare company will do these things.

While many timeshare owners do enjoy their property (like the annual family vacation to Disney), there are many others who have said they were pressured into a purchase by salespeople during the initial tour, and are now trapped in an expensive ongoing obligation. Here are some of the risks of purchasing and owning a timeshare.

In reality, many people do finance the purchase, and the market offers opportunities to pay less than the full price for a resort vacation. You can also quickly look up vacation package costs on any of the main travel booking sites to get an idea of what you would pay for a desired location without purchasing a timeshare as a comparison.

Timeshares do not retain their value, let alone increase in value. If you want to sell your timeshare on the secondary market, you will be competing with people who are practically giving their timeshares away. According to the Association of Vacation Owners, an independent advocacy group for timeshare owners, there are millions of timeshares available on the secondary market.

Another possibility is that the points required to use your timeshare during your preferred dates could change from year to year. For example, the developer may reevaluate point requirements annually to shift demand away from high-vacation periods and increase incentives for low-demand periods.

Hilton Grand Vacations Club (HGV) is one of the most popular timeshare companies in the world, and for good reason. Hilton Grand Vacations timeshares offer incredible accommodations and are a great way to vacation at some of the most popular resort destinations around the world. And when you purchase a Hilton-branded vacation ownership on the resale market, you can save thousands of dollars off the cost of buying directly from Hilton at a timeshare presentation.

When it comes to buying a Hilton Grand Vacations on the resale market, there are a few things you should keep in mind before trying to find the right timeshare listing. The main attributes that you will want to consider when differentiating Hilton timeshare listings would be:

Hilton Grand Vacations Club timeshares are a deeded timeshare ownership, where owners buy into a specific home resort, during a specific season, for a specific unit size. HGV owners can use a points-based reservation system to book any resort within the Hilton resort network during the Club Season booking window, but selecting the right home resort for you is still of paramount importance.

These charts list every unit size that is offered at each of the Hilton Grand Vacations resorts and show you how many points it would take to book during different seasons of the year. You may also need to cross-reference with a timeshare calendar so you can convert week numbers into calendar dates. This will help you to get a feel for what season you might be traveling within for your favorite Hilton Grand Vacations resorts. 041b061a72


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